Work from Home or the Office with the Diamond Ultra-Dock Docking Stations

//Work from Home or the Office with the Diamond Ultra-Dock Docking Stations

Work from Home or the Office with the Diamond Ultra-Dock Docking Stations

Being productive can be easy, especially with a docking station. When using them with laptops, tablets and desktop PCs, multi-tasking can take on a whole new level. With the recent unprecedented events going on with the global Covid-19 Coronavirus, we at Diamond are determined to continue bringing our customers the best in PC technology. Many of us are undoubtedly working from home, being considerate of our neighbors and family members, keeping our social distance and promoting safety. However, staying at home doesn’t mean not staying connected. Diamond Multimedia offers solutions to work from home or the office with the Ultra-Dock DS3900 Docking Stations. The DS3900PD Docking Station, for example, can add up to three monitors and charge your laptop, tablet or smartphone at the same time. Therefore, getting the most out of your device and your docking station which can allow for more productivity and multi-tasking.

Expand Your Android Tablet with the Diamond Triple Display Docking Station*

With a simple USB Type-C connector cable, the Diamond Ultra-Dock DS3900PD Docking Station can turn your laptop or Android tablet into a multi-display PC. First, connect the Type-C cable into the laptop or Android tablet. Then, connect it to the Docking Station. Secondly, connect your monitors to the DS3900PD Docking Station via HDMI or DVI cables. Furthermore, you can connect a keyboard and a mouse via USB. This enables you to use your laptop or Android tablet as a fully functioning PC with a keyboard and mouse. *DisplayLink Presenter from the Google Playstore is required before you can use the Docking Station with your tablet.

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More Display Monitors Mean More Productivity and Multi-Tasking

Of course, with the ability to add multiple monitors and utilize a mouse and keyboard, means more productivity. As a result, you can surf the web on one screen, work on spreadsheets and shop online on another. The mouse you connected can seamlessly move across all of the other screens. You can move between applications, open and close menu items and manipulate text. This creates the ultimate multi-tasking experience and can be had all from your laptop or Android tablet. The DS3900PD can also power and charge your Android tablet, laptop or PC. (65W Power Delivery) all while you work.

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Universal Plug and Play USB Connectivity

And of course, the Diamond DS3900 Docking Stations can connect to other USB peripherals. Stereo speakers, headset, mic, external hard Drive, Optical Disk Drive, printers, and other devices, can all be utilized as well. You can find the Diamond Ultra-Dock Docking Stations at:

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