Wireless Streaming to Two Rooms with Diamond Wireless HDMI

//Wireless Streaming to Two Rooms with Diamond Wireless HDMI

Wireless Streaming to Two Rooms with Diamond Wireless HDMI

As we continue to stay safe at home due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, it is becoming more important than ever to keep ourselves entertained and connected to our friends, family and colleagues. However, we can become overwhelmed when the kids are home from school and both parents are working from home. That is why we can use the peace and quiet that comes from having our own rooms to work, watch TV or simply to relax. Laptops, cable set-top boxes, DVD, Blu-Ray players, PCs, tablets or any other source with an HDMI output, can be connected to your TV. And we all know that the go-to way to achieve this is with a wired connection through the use of HDMI cables.

HDMI transmits real-time video and audio through a single cable. However, if you’d rather not be literally chained to your TV with a physical, wired connection, there are ways to connect your device to a TV, and stream video and audio wirelessly. Diamond Multimedia offers a solution to do just that – to cut the HDMI wires and go wireless HDMI.

The beauty of wireless HDMI is, of course, the lack of cluttering up your living room, office, classroom or anywhere you watch and enjoy streaming from your laptop to a TV. That de-cluttering is essential to creating a more pleasant and stress-free atmosphere. When watching TV from a PC/laptop or other source, seeing a cable running from a coffee table to an entertainment center and constantly having to avoid tripping over it, is a huge hassle. In addition, we can increase this powerful ability to wirelessly stream from one HDMI source. As a result, we have the convenience of wireless streaming to TWO rooms with Diamond Wireless HDMI devices. VS300M 2 rooms

Diamond Multimedia V-Stream VS300M Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver

The Diamond V-Stream VS300M is a powerful Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver. Wirelessly transmit video and audio with a transmitting range of 150 feet. Enjoy clear, crisp HD 1080P resolution from a laptop, set-top box, Blu-ray/DVD player or gaming console.


For example, when you want the kids to watch TV in another room, you can stream from a cable TV/Set-top box from the living room… all without an HDMI cable or needing to set up an extra cable box. Connect the receiver to an extra TV in another room and wirelessly transmit video from that one source. An HDMI Pass-through allows you to view your video in the same room as the source. As a result, this can save you money as you don’t need to call the cable company and have to rent or buy an additional cable box. In addition, you can have multiple sets of the V-Stream VS300M. The VS300M can transmit to multiple receivers at the same time. (Max 2 Receivers, additional receiver sold separately).

The VS300M supports wide range IR frequencies. IR (20-60KHz) remotely controls your video sources from the receiver location. Selectable channels allow you to select receivers. Easily select between two sources and two displays within the same proximity. This prevents your video from being displayed on the wrong receiver.

VS300M diagram

If you own a projector, the VS300M is a great solution for streaming onto a projector screen. Unwind and have a Friday movie night with the family. A projector can be used to entertain your family, but it can also be a great way to review work related materials as you work from home. VS300M projector

In Conclusion

Ultimately, you have the control of what you watch from a more preferable location. With the Diamond V-Stream VS300M, you can transmit video from one transmitter to two displays at the same time. This not only saves you time and money, but also eliminates the need for unsightly cables and wires. Running wires throughout your home can be inconvenient and unsafe.

During this time of staying home due to Covid-19 coronavirus, having the whole family at home requires smart solutions. Keeping everyone happy and maintaining their sanity is important. And Diamond Multimedia can help with these digital PC and multimedia solutions. You can find the V-Stream VS300M and other Wireless HDMI devices at: diamondmm.com.

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