5 Reasons This Wireless HDMI Adapter Is Perfect for Your Home and Office

//5 Reasons This Wireless HDMI Adapter Is Perfect for Your Home and Office

5 Reasons This Wireless HDMI Adapter Is Perfect for Your Home and Office

by Samantha Hager

You’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo. Her show, “Tidying Up,” found on Netflix, became a global success because of her incredible yet simple tips on decluttering your daily life. Since it first aired, people around the world have been drastically reducing the number of knick-knacks and the amount of clutter in their homes and offices. Why? Because decluttering your space is the key to a more successful and focused “you!

As this new minimalism trend has become popular, countless people have turned to wireless products to declutter their spaces. However, “tidying up” isn’t the only reason to choose a wireless product. With products like wireless HDMIs, there are hundreds of reasons they are perfect for your office.

Below, we offer five reasons why Diamond Multimedia’s V-Stream Wireless HDMI sender/receiver is perfect for your home and your office space, and how this one wireless product can completely change the way you view and use your office.

1. Less Clutter Equals More Productivity

Although Kondo has popularized minimalist living in the last few months, the concept of keeping a decluttered workspace and home has been around for decades. The reason is simple: At the office, less clutter yields a more focused and productive workday; at home, it creates a space that invites you and guests to enjoy.

HDMI provides an interface between an audio/visual (AV) source and an AV monitor. Traditionally, an HDMI cable connects the source to the monitor, with the length of the cable ranging from six feet to 50. In conference rooms, this creates both clutter and a potential tripping hazard.

Wireless HDMI allows you to declutter your workspace and home. With the V-Stream Wireless HDMI Sender/Receiver (VS100), you can cut back on the number of cables in your conference room or at your desk. The product is also perfect for home entertainment purposes. It has a wireless transmission range of up to 150 feet, creating a cohesive office or home multimedia experience!

2. The Environment Will Thank You

Did you know that the U.S. is the leading country in energy waste? The reason is that most buildings waste the vast majority of the electricity they use yearly. But, what if there was a solution to this?

According to a study performed at Stanford University, wireless senders/receivers are far more energy efficient than sending and receiving variations which require cords. The reason for this is the “combined effectiveness of system, architecture and circuit techniques.”

If you have a lot of HDMI cables in your home or office, there will ultimately come a time when these cords must be disposed of. In the past, individuals have improperly disposed of said cords and negatively impacted our environment in turn. In fact, according to research performed by Building Green, there are countless ways in which cable harms our environment if not properly disposed of including through their use of plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, flame retardants, lubricants and colorants. Furthermore, improperly disposed of cables also emit toxic lead dust and can cause dangerous fuel loading in office spaces.

This is why using a wireless system is a far better solution for the environment and for the health of yourself and your fellow office peers. Check out the different wireless HDMI products at Diamond Multimedia to review the features and benefits of each and determine which one is right for you!

3. Reduce Workplace Hazard Risk

You know how many cords are entangled under your desk right now. You also know how dangerous unkempt cords and wires can be in an office setting. So, why are these cords even around at all? With a wireless HDMI adapter in your computer, you can transmit your screen onto any of your other devices, share it with others and permanently eliminate those dangerous cord balls.

The best way to keep your work area safe and free of potential cord tripping hazards is to switch to wireless products like the V-Stream as soon as possible.

4. Stream Your Screen Easily

Perhaps one of the best reasons for using a wireless HDMI like the Diamond Multimedia VS100 is your ability to share your screen with your other employees in a quick and simple way. Unlike other options for screen sharing, the VS300M has a 150-foot transmission area and makes it easy for you and your team to have professional meetings without excess screen-sharing processes.

Imagine simply being able to transmit your current webpage to the conference room screen and show real-time work and metrics remotely without even having to stand up. Just as a clean workspace increases productivity, so does convenience — and this is certainly a convenient wireless HDMI option.

5. Better Connection Quality

When using other screen-sharing applications you may have experienced lag and pixelation. For professional meetings at work, these problems only make you and your team look inexperienced and incapable of finding quality solutions for the workplace.

Just as simply as transferring your screen to a conference room screen using a wireless HDMI adapter, you can deliver high-quality screen shares that never lag within the transmission zone.


Although there are many more reasons that the VS100 may be perfect for your office space, we hope that the five reasons above have given you a better look into the many benefits of wireless tech in the workplace. You can learn more about different wireless HDMI models at Diamond Multimedia.

Whether it’s to have more professional business solutions at the tip of your fingers or to jump on the Marie Kondo minimalism movement, having a wireless HDMI adapter and sender/receiver is the best way to become a part of the future of office space technology and benefit from it in the process.

Samantha Hager is a freelance journalist with a bit of a twist. With nearly a decade in the writing industry, Samantha has done everything from spoken word, music journalism, and novels all the way to advanced cybersecurity and IT papers. With a love for all things weird and quirky, she spends most of her time exploring the country and staying up to date on nerd culture with her loving husband, Joel.

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