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Why You NEED The Wireless VS100 HD Video Transmission via HDMI Device

The Diamond Wireless VS100 HD Video Transmission via HDMI is a must-have for most people.

The time for tangled cords is over! This special little tool allows you to stream without wires, but there are many other benefits you don’t yet know of.

For a video explaining the benefits of this neat little device, click HERE now.

What IS The VS100 Device?

This neat little device allows you stream HD 1080 via HDMI without wires. For example, if you have an Xbox console you will need to connect a TV or other display in order to play games with it.

The typical way to connect the Xbox with the TV would be to purchase an HDMI cord. You would need to have your Xbox within close proximity of the TV otherwise the cord would not be long enough.

Instead of needing a cord, the VS100 allows you to connect these two devices from much farther away. In fact, the VS100 can even send signals through walls so the Xbox could presumably be in a completely different room than the monitor itself!

Why Get The VS100?

One huge benefit to the VS100 is that you don’t need to have the two devices close to each other. For example, you could place a monitor outside and then stream a movie from your computer which is inside the home.

In the above example this would allow you to watch movies outside without any cables connecting the two devices! Withou tthe VS100 you would need to connect a very long HDMI cord between the computer & TV.

Another benefit to the VS100 is that it reduces clutter caused by too many cords. Lots of cords in close proximity can reduce free space and make things messy. It also increases the likelihood of someone tripping over something.

The VS100 also allows you to transmit HDMI signal through most walls. It would struggle going through steel walls, but it shouldn’t have a problem through most typical home walls.

VS100 For Office & Business

This device isn’t good just for home use- it also can be effective for the office.

For example you could connect the HDMI receiver to your laptop or computer & then to a conference screen in order to share a presentation, video, or conference call.

Setting things up with an HDMI cord would take unnecessary time & energy especially considering that the computer would have to be within close proximity to the screen. With the VS100, it wouldn’t matter so much where the computer was as long as it was within 150 feet!

Getting The VS100 Device

The Diamond Wireless VS100 HD Video Transmission via HDMI device can be purchased by clicking HERE.

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What People Think

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As you can see the Diamond VS100 device is effective, efficient, and worth it! What are you waiting for? Check it out by clicking HERE now.

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