Using Tablets in the Classroom with the Diamond WPCTV3000

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Using Tablets in the Classroom with the Diamond WPCTV3000

Using tablets in the classroom with the Diamond WPCTV3000 – Stream2TV is one of those nice options an educator can have when it comes to teaching their students. In this article, we’ll look at how sharing your knowledge and encouraging classroom participation, with the use of your tablet and a projector or big-screen TV, is a great way to collaborate with your students.

In the Classroom

The Diamond WPCTV3000 – Stream2TV is a device that wirelessly streams content from your tablet to a projector or big-screen TV in 1080P HD quality. It allows you to mirror what’s on your tablet and also extends views from your PC, Mac or laptop. The Diamond WPCTV3000 is a great companion for all teachers to enhance daily lessons with exciting multimedia content, internet educational video programs, online lessons and live education events.

Not just for teachers, but students can also share their educational presentations and content with their entire class on the projector from their laptops, desktops and Miracast enabled smartphones and tablets. Many students have access to their assignments and reports from their mobile devices. The WPCTV3000 gives each student the ability to display their reports and other content from their desk. The WPCTV3000 can also be directly wired to the school’s network or wirelessly paired to the school’s access points.

Training and Workshops
But it goes beyond just the classroom. The Diamond WPCTV3000 is also a valuable tool for training purposes. Having a large audience that you can actively share content with can be a vital part of your success as a trainer. Once you get the hang of streaming onto a large projector, your trainees will see you as a more consistently helpful resource they can count on, day in and day out.

At the Office

The Diamond WPCTV3000 is also the perfect solution to enhance conference room meetings. Any Windows, MAC-based PC or Miracast enabled tablet can stream wirelessly. With a one-of-a-kind conference sharing capability, you can take control over content shared with meeting attendees. Impress your colleagues and inspire more success with rich content presentations, live events and any other content you need to share on the projector or big-screen TV.

How to Connect to a Projector
Simply sync your tablet, PC or smartphone to the WPCTV3000 wirelessly over your existing wired or wireless network and with a VGA or HDMI cable, connect the WPCTV3000 to your projector. Then just sit back and enjoy 1080P resolution and 5.1 channel surround-sound, as well as smooth motion video with low latency (<200ms).

How to Connect to a Big-Screen TV
Using a big-screen TV is just as easy. Again, sync your tablet, laptop or smartphone to the WPCTV3000 wirelessly. Then, with an HDMI cable, connect the WPCTV3000 to your big-screen TV to display a sharp, high-resolution mirror of all your content in 1080P HD. Set up multiple WPCTV3000s in each room of your school or office via Ethernet to the main router.

The Diamond WPCTV3000 – Stream2TV and other really neat multimedia products are available at:

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