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The Diamond V-Stream VS100 Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver: How it Works


The Diamond V-Stream VS100 is a Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver Kit which allows you to transmit video and audio from an HDMI source (such as a laptop, cable box/set-top box, Blu-Ray/DVD player, game console) to a receiving display such as a large screen TV or projector screen up to 150 feet… All without an HDMI cable. Connect the receiver to a TV or projector and wirelessly transmit video from any HDMI source. It’s a great way to enjoy home entertainment, and share office/school presentations.

With the VS100 you can control what you watch from a more preferable location. Whether it be in your kitchen, dining room or backyard, just point the remote control at the receiver and instantly stream an HD signal to a TV in another room – wirelessly in HD 1080P.

Low Latency Wireless Streaming

The Diamond V-Stream VS100 transmits video and audio in real-time, from any HDMI source. Enjoy streaming with a 150 feet clear line-of-sight wireless coverage. You can extend or mirror your laptop or PC screen onto a large screen HDTV and enjoy online activities such as shopping and social media. Enjoy streaming all of your favorite movies and videos from YouTube and Hulu onto a large screen TV. Or share your screen with coworkers in an office setting. If you’re an educator, the VS100 is perfect for sharing educational materials in the classroom.

Still Need Help?

Visit our Diamond Support page for additional technical support.

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