//The Diamond Ultra-Dock with Power Delivery: A Triple Display 4K Universal Type-C Docking Station

The Diamond Ultra-Dock with Power Delivery: A Triple Display 4K Universal Type-C Docking Station

When it comes to docking stations, connectivity combined with added displays is key. Fortunately, Diamond has come up with a new docking station with this in mind; The Diamond Ultra-Dock with Power Delivery: A Triple Display 4K Universal Type-C Docking Station (DS3900PD). The Diamond Ultra-Dock DS3900PD is a triple display 4K Docking Station with a 65W power delivery for Mac and Windows Equipped Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 Laptops, USB Type-A Dual 2K display support and is DisplayLink certified.

Triple Display with 4K Capability

With this new powerful docking station, you can have an additional 3 displays which includes a 4K HDMI monitor. Giving you maximum flexibility at maximum resolutions. Expand your desktop projects by utilizing more monitors and seamlessly go from screen to screen. As a result, making your work far easier to complete in a timely fashion. Furthermore, a docking station makes it easy and convenient to take your device between work and home. With one simple USB connection- to your computer, you can have access to 3 large displays.

USB-C Connectivity

The Ultra-Dock DS3900PD comes equipped with a USB Type-C port. It can be used to connect a USB Type-C laptop or PC and is backwards compatible with USB Type-A. This is a great feature because modern laptops are becoming thinner and USB-C becoming more commonplace. A compatible cable is even included to connect to a Type          -A port if needed. In addition, the Power Delivery that is compatible with USB Type-C equipped laptops and PCs, allows you to charge and work at the same time. However, power delivery is only offered through USB- C.


The Front Side

The front side of the Ultra-Dock DS3900PD features two USB 3.0 Type-A ports for connecting USB devices such as, printers, external hard drives, flash drives, USB cameras, etc. It also has two USB Type-C ports to charge smartphones and to connect other USB Type-C devices such as tablets. And it has a 3.5 mm audio jack for all of your audio connections.

The Back Side

The back side of the Ultra-Dock DS3900PD features a USB Type-C port for your laptop or PC, and a Gigabit Ethernet port for your network connection. Also, it has two HDMI display ports, one of which is 4K, to connect your high-definition displays. Finally, it has a DVI connector to connect a third monitor and two more USB 3.0 Type-A ports for other standard USB devices.

Overall, the Ultra-Dock DS3900PD is truly a great value and comes with all the features you want in a modern docking station. Along with 3 additional displays, it’s sleek and looks good on the desktop. It’s made of sturdy, quality materials and most importantly, it’s very efficient in getting work done effortlessly. So, stay connected to all your essential PC peripherals and enjoy added triple display with the Diamond Ultra-Dock DS3900PD.

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