The Amazing Easy-to-Use VHS to DVD Digital Files Converters by Diamond

//The Amazing Easy-to-Use VHS to DVD Digital Files Converters by Diamond

The Amazing Easy-to-Use VHS to DVD Digital Files Converters by Diamond

With all the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, we all have a lot of time on our hands. Some of us may have outdoor projects lined up and some may be looking for more indoor projects to do. Why not take out those dusty, old VHS tapes from the closet and convert them into a more user-friendly digital format? The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture VHS to DVD devices have become the most versatile and easy-to-use devices for many video capture enthusiasts. It’s become the favorite device of people just like me who have old memories stored in analog VHS cassettes and other media. These amazing easy-to-use VHS to DVD Digital Files Converters take videos from camcorders as well and converts and them into digital files.

With the Cyberlink Power Director software and all the included accessories, you are ready to start capturing, editing and preserving video and audio from almost any analog video device. Right out of the box, the One-Touch Video Capture devices are ready to capture video. Burn full-screen video capture, edit and create DVD and VCDs. Upload your finished videos to YouTube and other popular video sites or just share them with friends and family.

The Diamond One-Touch Video Capture devices are also incredibly easy-to-use. For example, the Diamond VC500 and VC500MAC are equipped with a USB connector. Just connect the USB connector to an available USB 2.0 port on your laptop or PC. Then, connect the A/V composite connectors from the Diamond VC500 to the red, white and yellow Composite ports on the back of your VCR. In addition, an A/V composite RCA cable is included. Your VCR will be labeled Video Out. Connect the yellow cable to the yellow video out of the VCR. Subsequently, connect the red and white cable to the audio out And you’re ready to go. It’s as simple as that.

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Preserve and Convert VHS Video Cassettes

The Diamond Video Capture VC500s are uncommonly easy to use devices. The VC500 makes it simple to access material on VHS tapes and do such things as start and stop a video capture and burn a disc. Diamond Video Capture devices give you the ability to capture and preserve your VHS material and the included video editor lets you improve the quality of the original material.

Easily capture video footage and edit them. As a result, the Diamond Video Capture lets you enhance the image contrast, hue and brightness. Add titles, transitions and sound effects. In addition, you can eliminate unwanted footage. Add special effects and more. If you want to copy and transfer the material on a VHS tape to a DVD, it won’t take long with these amazing Diamond capture devices. Our testing showed it took only eight minutes to burn a 45-minute VHS tape to a DVD*. This was the fastest of any program we tested. And it lets you capture material from nearly any video source. Furthermore, it lets you upload to the internet and save videos in six different file formats. * Read more here.

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Capture Video Instantly and Easily and Share on Social Media

With the included CyberLink Power Director software, you can enjoy having the VC500’s powerful application right there on your laptop. Therefore, you can seamlessly convert and capture an entire library of archived videos. Hence, vacation videos, family home movies and sporting events can all be preserved. Personalize your YouTube videos by adding text transition effects and storyboards. Also, the VC500 works with any video source including DVD players, set top boxes, camcorders and game consoles. Furthermore, you can create wonderful tutorials and how-to videos. Also, instantly convert digital files.

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Diamond Standalone Personal One-Touch VHS to Digital Converter VC500ST

With the new Diamond V-Stream VC500ST, you can even capture video without a computer. The sleek and compact design of the VC500ST allows you to easily connect it to a VHS Player/VCR. Convert and save old videos from VHS cassettes. In addition, you can convert your personal home videos from camcorders and video cameras to digital format. Alternatively, you can record your favorite TV shows from cable set-top boxes.

With the built-in display, you can view and record them straight to the VC500ST. You will need a PC to use the software. As a result, all the capturing can be done without a computer. Finally, you can find all three of the Diamond Video Capture devices on

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