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The All-NEW Diamond Standalone Personal One-Touch VHS to Digital Converter

In today’s world, the personal computer does just about anything related to digital media that we can think of. But sometimes we just want a simpler and easier way to enhance our digital world without the need for a PC. The all-new Diamond Standalone Personal One-Touch VHS to Digital Converter (VC500ST) is a device that can do just that. It is designed to capture and convert video from analog sources to digital files (MP4), all without the need for a computer.

The sleek and compact design of the VC500ST allows you to easily connect it to a VHS Player/VCR. Convert and save old videos from VHS cassettes. Convert your personal home videos from camcorders and video cameras to digital format. Or you can record your favorite TV shows from cable set-top boxes. With the built-in display, you can view and record them straight to the VC500ST. Then, you can convert them into digital files and view or edit them on your PC later on.

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No Drivers, No Software, No Computer Required*

The Diamond VC500ST can be plugged straight into a VCR. Its completely plug and play, portable design makes it super simple to capture and record old VHS cassette tapes. And what is great is that I don’t need to hook up a laptop or PC to the VCR. The VC500ST does all the work a PC traditionally would. It features an on-board 3.5” LCD screen for preview and playback. A port for HDMI on the VC500ST allows you to hook it up to a large screen TV.

You can also plug the VC500ST straight into a camcorder or video camera. Furthermore, you can record and convert all of your videos from a cable TV set-top box. This is great when you want to record a favorite TV program and want to preserve them into digital files. Later, you can burn a DVD and build a collection of old shows, concerts and sporting events. The VC500ST can also schedule your recordings so you can set it to record at a certain time daily or weekly. An auto/stop recording option lets you select limits on 60, 90, 120 or 150 minutes. This is good when you need to be doing something else while recording. The pause feature is great when you want to skip commercials on your converted video. Watch and record TV shows that you have recorded – all without commercials.

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VC500ST Connectors and Ports

The Diamond Standalone Personal One-Touch VHS to Digital Converter VC500ST comes with all the connector ports you need to get started in capturing and recording videos from other sources. The S-Video and RCA Composite ports allow you to connect the VC500ST to multiple different analog sources such as the ones described (VCR, Camcorders, Cable boxes). The HDMI Out port can be used to display your converted video on large screen TVs. Furthermore, there are two different ways the VC500ST automatically stores your videos – through the use of a flash drive connected to the on-board USB port and the SD card slot. SD cards and USB flash drives are not included.

In Conclusion

The Diamond Standalone Personal One-Touch VHS to Digital Converter – VC500ST is simply the best and easiest solution for capturing and saving your VHS tapes, Hi8 Mini DV tapes, Cable TV-recorded programs to digital format (MP4) without the need of a computer, No drivers are necessary and no software needs to be installed. You can find the VC500ST at: diamondmm.com.

* FREE!! Power Director 12 editing and burning DVD software included. (PC required for editing/DVD burning).

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