Stock Trading at Home with Diamond Multimedia

//Stock Trading at Home with Diamond Multimedia

Stock Trading at Home with Diamond Multimedia

While working from home, there are a few tools of the trade you can use as a stock trader. These tools can come in the form of PC- related peripherals and support mounts for your monitors. Due to the high number of trades you might make in a day, speed and execution are important factors to consider when working from home. And getting the most accurate and important information can make your day run much more smoothly. That is why we will take a look at a few products that can help with stock trading at home with Diamond Multimedia.

Diamond USB Video Adapters

Extra monitors at home are now more important than ever. The Diamond USB Multi-Display Video Adapters can become a really useful device which can work in tandem with those monitors. Selling and trading stocks can take up a lot of screen real-estate. By connecting your laptop to additional screens, you can also expose yourself to economic trends, study third-party analysis, casually check in on the stock market each day and read headline stories. The Diamond USB Video Adapters let you spread out your on-screen content across multiple monitors effortlessly. With added monitors, your stock trading at home will be a much more enhanced experience.

BVU5500 Box pic

With the Diamond USB Video Adapters, you can expand your laptop’s visual experience by adding 2, 3 or up to 6 displays, in minutes*. Add multiple displays to your PC/laptop/tablet without the hassle of opening your desktop case and adding costly discrete graphic cards. All of the Diamond USB Video Adapters are completely USB powered, so no additional power requirements are necessary and they consume 80% less PC power than internal discrete graphic cards. *Each Display requires an additional adapter (maximum 6 per system).

BVU connect 6 display monitors

Diamond Triple Display Docking Station with Power Delivery

When it comes to at-home solutions for stock traders, another great device is a docking station. What’s great about docking stations is that it can be a central hub for all of your other desktop needs. Alongside extra monitors, the Diamond Triple Display 4K Universal Type-C Docking Station with Power Delivery gives you the freedom to connect stereo speakers, headset, mic, an external hard drive, optical disk drive, a printer, a USB keyboard, mouse and other USB devices, all while powering your laptop PC or Macbook. (65W Power Delivery). The Diamond Triple Display Docking Station is a great addition to the home stock trading station. And of course, with one simple USB connection to your computer, you can have access to 3 large displays, including a 4K HD monitor for high definition quality.

DS3900PD stock trading

All Universal connection provides all the connections you need. Connections include: 4 USB 3.0 Ports, 2 USB Type-C Ports, 1 Type C upstream port for USB 3.1/Thunderbolt2 or USB 3.0 Type A upstream with included USB Type A to Type C converter, DVI, HDMI, HDMI 4K, RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm speaker line out/mic input.

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Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

When working as a stock trader, the setup of your monitors can play a crucial role in your everyday posture. Good ergonomics is extremely important in the health of your muscles, joints and spine. Preventing back pain and muscle fatigue can be as simple some small changes to your workstation – and this includes your desk monitor. Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts are ergonomically designed to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, MSD cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases*. Examples of musculoskeletal disorders include, but are not limited to, muscle strains and lower back injuries. *

DMTA310 product image

A good multi-monitor setup that not only looks good, but is sturdy and made of quality materials, can go a long way. The Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts can add safety and convenience to your daily stock trading routine. It’s important that a monitor setup gives you the freedom to tilt to any angle or adjust to any height as you please. Diamond’s Monitor Mounts do just that, as well as feature integrated cable management. Some mounts come with a freestanding, solid steel base. Others come with a clamp-style mount which helps free up some desk space beneath the monitor.

DMTA310 stock trader

In Conclusion

In these times of social distancing measures, we are all trying to find solutions from working at home. Stock traders are accustomed to working in close proximity with other people. However, the important guidelines set by government officials and health experts are changing the ways in which we connect and work together. And that includes stock traders. Diamond Multimedia can help in these times of working remotely. You can find these and other innovative PC solutions at:

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