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    The Diamond MDS3900 USB 3.0 to HDMI/VGA mini Ultra Docking station allows easy plug and play installation for multiple displays/monitors. Enhance your laptop’s visual experience by adding 2, 3 or up to 6 displays in minutes. (Each Display requires an additional MDS3900 adapter, each adapter supports dual head video output, support for HDMI and DVI/VGA simultaneously.) Gigabit Ethernet support, upgrade or add Ethernet wired connectivity to you laptop, Macbook, and Ultra dock with one single USB connection.
  • The Diamond 3 port USB 3.1 Type C features a sleek aluminum slim design and is a perfect solution and companion your new MacBook, Chrome Pixel and any new PC using Type-C USB ports. With the ability to support power delivery (PD) it can provide power via upstream to the host and power downstream to 3 USB ports. USB hubs are backward compatible to all USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 applications. Meaning you can use all your USB devices and still be able to power your Macbook or Chrome Pixel at the same time.
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    • Featured on as one of the Best Soundcards for Gaming
    • Dolby® EX and DTS® formats 5.1 channel DVD playback
    • 48K/16 bit playback; 48K/16bit recording
    • 5.1 virtual speaker shifter providing surround sound for CDs, and MP3s
    • EAX 2.0 and A3D sound support
    • PCI 2.2 Interface with bus mastering and burst modes
    • 6 Channel Audio Output
    • Karaoke Support
    • 10 Band Equalizer with Presets
    • Easy Connection to Home Audio Equipment
    • Special Effects Including Concert Hall and More
    • Total DVD Theater Surround Sound Experience
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    The Diamond USB 7.1 surround sound audio box is your perfect desktop, notebook, Mac, Macbook or Windows 8 tablet entertainment solution. Whether you’re enjoying Movies, Music and or games, high-quality surround sound is always a must.