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Every PC gamer knows how incredibly enjoyable gaming can be at a smooth and steady 60+ FPS. Now you can have that low-latency experience at virtually any framerate with Radeon Freesync technology.

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  • Diamond 5450PE31G
    Dual monitor capability Speed up numerous video tasks with ATI Stream technology.  Make video editing and transferring to media players/handhelds fast and easy. Features AMD’s robust ATI Catalyst software, and is the first graphics generation with full support for DirectX® 11, completing the Windows® 7experience Interface : PCI Express x16 Clock : 650 MHz MEM Clock : 400 MHz MEM Size : 1024MB MEM Config : 32 x 32 MEM Type : GDDR3 OPGL : OpenGL 3.2 ,DIRECTX 11 PORTS : Dual-Link DVI,HDMI,VGA ** Product appearance subject to change without notice.
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    Diamond 6450pe31g
    • With full DirectX® 11 support, you can enjoy eye-popping visuals, astonishing realism, and fast frame rates.
    • Designed to deliver a premium computing experience
    • Speeds up numerous video tasks and everyday applications with AMD App Acceleration
    • Offers incredible Windows® 7 experience with support for DirectX® 11 games and applications
    • Makes video editing and transferring of content to media players/handhelds fast and easy
    ** Product appearance subject to change without notice.
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    RX580 front RX580 Graphics Video Card
    Premium Virtual Reality Jump into imaginative virtual realms using the Diamond RadeonTM RX 580 Graphics Card. Let our AMD LiquidVRTM technology transport you to remarkable virtual worlds unhindered by latency or compromise. Feel the rush of groundbreaking gameplay, the deep connection with other virtual players, and the thrill of living out your favorite movies and experiences with the next wave of immersive VR and cutting-edge Radeon graphics.
    • Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0 x16
    • Memory: 8GB GDDR5
    • Base Clock: 1340 MHz
    • Boost Clock (DPM7) 1340 MHz
    • Memory Clock: 2000 MHz (8.4 GBPs) Memory
    • CrossFire: Yes up to 4GPU’s, No Interconnect Bridge required
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    R5230 video graphic card
    Diamond AMD R5 230 PCIE GDDR5 1GB Memory Graphics Video Card Memory: 1GB DDR3 Memory Interface: 64-bit Bus Interface: PCI Express x16 Core Clock: 625 MHz Memory Clock: 1334 MHz Video Outputs: DVI, HDMI and VGA Maximum Simultaneous Supported Displays: 2