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Diamond HDMI Over Ethernet Sender and Receiver Kit with ipcolor Technology

The Diamond HDMI Over Ethernet Kit includes one transmitter unit and one receiver unit allowing HDMI video/audio signal transmission and extends HDMI video/audio signal up to 230 feet. The kit is a powerful secure Ethernet connection HDMI Sender and Receiver. It’s a great way to enjoy and share home, classroom, entertainment from any HD source over Ethernet. The IPC100 has a transmitting range of 230 feet. As a result, you can enjoy clear, crisp HD 4K video resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1CH audio from a laptop, set-top box, Blu-ray/DVD player, DVR security or gaming console. With the IPC100, you can transmit video over longer distances than you could using a HDMI cable or wireless HDMI sender and receiver. Supports IR remote control, giving you total control over your video source