Positioning Your Computer Monitor with Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

//Positioning Your Computer Monitor with Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

Positioning Your Computer Monitor with Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts

If you have a desktop computer monitor and you are constantly adjusting the height, angle and tilt of the screen, we know how much of a hassle that can be. That is why Diamond has found a solution and offers more comfort and convenience to your desktop working area. Positioning your computer monitor with Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts is very easy. And that is what we’ll take a look at below.

A Full Range of Side-to-Side Motion for Your Monitor

If you’ve ever had a coworker or someone sitting next to you, or across from you, and you wanted to show them something on your computer monitor – you know it can be quite a challenge to have to physically drag the whole monitor, base and all, and turn it around. With Diamond Monitor Mounts, there’s no need to do that. For one, the monitor is completely suspended above your desk, making it easy to turn and rotate. Their highly adjustable arms move up, down, forward and back with just a touch. Each Diamond Monitor Mount model does have monitor size and weight limitations, so make sure to check with each mount, what they can handle. The specifications on each model can be found throughout the Monitor Mounts section of Diamond’s website.

As with all of Diamond’s Monitor Mounts, the Diamond DMC130 Interactive Monitor Mount (pictured above) offers perfect counterbalance presentation in all directions. You can easily sway your screen to any direction. As a result, others sitting away from your point of view, can easily see what’s on your screen. Therefore, it is perfect for those moments during quick, informal office meetings, where you want to point something out without having to move everything around on your desk.

Your Monitor’s Position is Important for Good Ergonomics

Did you know that the incorrect height and distance of your monitor can possibly lead to poor posture? In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases*. Examples of musculoskeletal disorders include, muscle strains and lower back injuries. *osha.gov/SLTC/ergonomics. Therefore, Diamond has made a conscious effort to provide Monitor Mounts that effectively and effortlessly, try to help reduce these injuries.

What is the Proper Monitor Position?

The correct monitor height and position can vary greatly among individuals. but there are some guidelines one can follow. First of all, the monitor should be directly in front of the user. The top of the viewing area of your monitor should be at or below eye level. Another factor to consider is that the monitor should be 18” to 36” inches from your eyes. And if uncertain, you can determine the correct distance by placing the monitor equal to the width of the monitor. For example, if your monitor is 27” inches wide, you can place it at least 27” inches away from your eyes. Therefore, back and neck problems can occur if the monitor is placed too high or too low. Also, eye-strain can occur if the monitor is placed too far or too close.

A Full Range of Monitor Height

All of the Diamond Monitor Mounts can easily be moved up and down. You can also position them backwards and forwards. As well as height and distance adjustments, these mounts all have the ability to rotate your monitor sideways at 90° angles. Furthermore, you can tilt them forwards or backwards, at various angles. Again, check the specifications of each model.

The Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts are equipped with ball-joint structures that allow smooth, effortless rotating and tilting in any direction, making it easy to reduce glare and find the perfect viewing angle.

In conclusion, Diamond Ergonomic Monitor Mounts are ideal for offices, homes, industrial settings, production lines and much more. They are perfect for sharing your screen with colleagues, customers and coworkers. Effortlessly adjust your monitor in any position. They maintain stability and durability with constant movement.

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