Introducing the All-New USB 1080P Webcam from Diamond

//Introducing the All-New USB 1080P Webcam from Diamond

Introducing the All-New USB 1080P Webcam from Diamond

In this era of COVID-19, we are still in the midst of working from home. Many of us are finding that connecting with each other in person is still not possible. As a result, businesses, schools, and other organizations are relying heavily on bringing people together, remotely. And of course, one of the ways to do this is with a digital web camera. So it’s good to know that Diamond offers a new video USB 1080P WebCam for laptop and desktop PCs.

WC1080 Diamond Webcam

Video at a Full 1080P Resolution – All Through USB Connection

When connecting the new Diamond 1080P WebCam, though it’s USB 2.0 interface, the first thing you will notice is how compact and light the camera is. While at the same time, it is built with a solid and sturdy construction. Secondly, the camera boasts a 1080P resolution image that is sharp and focused. In addition, the Diamond 1080P resolution allows for video conferencing and connecting with colleagues, friends and family. With H.264 compression, you can enjoy the most vivid and detailed picture possible. As a result, your YouTube videos will be sharper, clearer and much more vibrant. Share Facebook videos, make calls on Skype or have classroom meetings via Zoom. It’s all much easier and higher quality with the new Diamond 1080P WebCam.

Video Conferences and Distance Learning Made Simple

The Diamond USB 1080P WebCam for Laptop and Desktop PCs is great for Video Conferencing. It works with WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, Facetime and many more apps. Also, it’s great for teachers and students for online distance learning classes, internet celebrity live broadcasts and any other remote applications.

Easy-to-Use and Completely Plug and Play

The Diamond WebCam is completely Plug and Play and is extremely easy to use. Mount on top of any laptop or computer monitor. The camera is completely adjustable to capture your image at any angle. There are no drivers to download, so it’s really easy to just mount and go. Furthermore, it supports all major operating systems for desktop and laptop PC: Win7 Win8, Win10 and MAC with a USB interface or any OS that supports UVC protocol. Also, there is a red LED indicator light which lets you monitor your video conferencing progress.

Full Stereo Audio and Crystal-Clear Sound Quality

The Diamond USB 1080P WebCam features an onboard built-in microphone. The sound quality is crystal-clear. As a result, the Diamond WebCam reproduces rich voice quality even in noisy environments, with no muffled and difficult-to-hear situations. You can find he Diamond USB 1080P WebCam and other great PC solutions at

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