How Wireless HDMI Can Help Churches Across America

//How Wireless HDMI Can Help Churches Across America

How Wireless HDMI Can Help Churches Across America

During the post-COVID shutdown era, there seems to be a continued effort to stay safe from the virus. However, as we venture outside of our homes, we are still socially distancing and wearing our masks. Also, it’s been a long time since people in our communities have had the opportunity to join together in praise. Churches, and other houses of worship, are now extending their reach beyond strictly online services and reaching out in neighborhoods all across the country. As a result, they have been utilizing alternative ways to share their onscreen media. And we all know that the go-to way to achieve this is with a wired connection through the use of HDMI cables. In this blog, we’ll look at how Wireless HDMI can help churches across America.

HDMI transmits real-time video and audio through a single cable. However, if you’d rather not be literally chained to your TV with a physical, wired connection, there are ways to connect your device to a TV, and stream video and audio wirelessly. Diamond Multimedia offers a solution to do just that – to cut the HDMI wires and go wireless HDMI. The new Diamond Wireless HDMI Kit (VS600) wirelessy transmits HD quality video and audio over a distance of up to 300 feet.

After many months of virtual worship, it’s good to see church services slowly coming back. And the use of outdoor spaces have increasingly become more common. Furthermore, these service are held at spacious, outdoor areas like parking lots, lawns or courtyards with the requirement of masks and social distancing. And tents and chairs have been put up in many of these services. The churches provide small groups with plenty of space to sing, pray and worship. Large TV or projector screens are usually placed in front of the congregation. And we all know that streaming from a laptop to a TV or projector screen is one of the easiest ways to share media with a group of people. As a result, we have seen wireless streaming to TV and projector screens in outdoor services across the country with the Diamond Wireless HDMI Kits.

Diamond Multimedia V-Stream VS600 Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver

The Diamond V-Stream VS600 is a powerful Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver. Wirelessly transmit video and audio with a transmitting range of 300 feet. Enjoy clear, crisp HD 1080P resolution from a laptop, set-top box or Blu-ray/DVD player.

vs600 box pic

For example, when you want the congregation to watch a large screen, you can stream from a computer, laptop or cable TV/Set-top box from inside the church… all without an HDMI cable. Connect the receiver to the large screen outside and wirelessly transmit video from that one source. An HDMI Pass-through allows you to view that video in that outdoor setting as the source. In addition, you can have multiple sets of the V-Stream VS600. The VS600 can transmit to multiple receivers at the same time. (Max 2 Receivers, additional receiver sold separately). And with 300 feet of wireless range, there is no need to worry about distance.

The VS600 supports wide range IR frequencies. IR (20-60KHz) remotely controls your video sources from the receiver location. Select-able channels allow you to select receivers. Easily select between two sources and two displays within the same proximity. This prevents your video from being displayed on the wrong receiver.


If you own a projector, the VS600 is a great solution for streaming onto a projector screen. Churches can share Bible verses, song lyrics and positive and inspiring messages with the congregation. A projector screen can be used to keep the congregation engaged and informed. It’s a great way to catch up with neighboring churches and announce news, upcoming social events and community activities.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, you have the control of what you watch from a more preferable location. With the Diamond V-Stream VS600, you can transmit video from one transmitter to two displays at the same time. This not only saves time and money, but also eliminates the need for unsightly cables and wires. Running wires throughout a church or other house of worship, can be inconvenient and unsafe. Having the whole congregation to come together in these unprecedented times, requires smart solutions. And Diamond Multimedia can help with these digital PC and multimedia solutions. You can find the V-Stream VS600 and other Wireless HDMI devices at:

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