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The Diamond V-Stream  VS50 is a Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver which allows you to transmit video and audio from an HDMI source (such as a laptop, cable box/set-top box, Blu-Ray/DVD player, game console) to a receiving display such as a large screen TV or projector screen up to 30 feet… All without an HDMI cable. Connect the receiver to a TV or projector and wirelessly transmit video from any HDMI source. It’s a great way to enjoy home entertainment, and share office/school presentations.

The Diamond V-Stream VS50 is completely plug-and-play and requires no software configuration setup. Enjoy wireless HDMI to HDMI streaming in Full HD 1080P.

Low Latency Wireless Streaming

The Diamond V-Stream VS50 transmits video and audio in real-time, from any HDMI source. Enjoy streaming with 30 feet of clear line-of-sight wireless coverage. You can extend or mirror your laptop or PC screen onto a large screen HDTV and enjoy online activities such as shopping and social media. Enjoy streaming all of your favorite movies and videos from YouTube and Hulu onto a large screen TV. Or share your screen with coworkers in an office setting. If you’re an educator, the VS50 is perfect for sharing educational materials in the classroom.

Easy-to-Use. Completely Plug and Play

Still Need Help?

Visit our Diamond Support page for additional technical support.