What are all these settings? What should I use?

/What are all these settings? What should I use?

What are all these settings? What should I use?

Here is an overview of the settings of the VC500:


Starting at the top left, We have Video Format. This refers to the data coming off of your source device.  For North America, it should be set to “NTSC_M”, if you get nothing listed here, it indicates that the device is not detected or that there is an issue with the drivers. Please see this FAQ.

The next option, to the right, is the video input source, this controls how the vc500 pulls in the data. You can select “composite”, which will use the yellow video pin, or “S-Video” which uses the black video connector(cable not included).

The options at the bottom control how the video looks, you can set those to modify how the video looks before it is saved.


On this tab, you control what the physical button on the VC500 does. By default it is set, as pictured, for a snapshot. This means that pressing the button will capture one frame of the video, and save it as a picture. You can set it to “Capture Video”, and that will allow you start and stop video recordings by pressing the physical button.


This section controls the format and saves location of snapshots taken, these settings are based upon user preference. You can read more about the compression types here:


The save location can be set to any location on your system, we recommend the one listed in the image.



This tab controls the video as it is stored in the computer. Each format uses a specific type of data compression. You can read more by clicking on the links below:

DVD       AVI
VCD      WMA
MPG4   MP3

The save folder is where your captured video will be stored on your computer. They will be sent to the location specified and be named with a date and time stamp.

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