How Do I use VC500?

/How Do I use VC500?

How Do I use VC500?

1) Connect the yellow composite video cable, or the S-video cable, to the back of your analog source (TV, VCR, DVD player, camcorder, or game console system) along with the red and white cables for composite audio. If you are missing one of the audio ports on your analog source, leave the missing composite audio cable disconnected. Plug the other end of the cables to the VC500CXT device.

2) Once the VC500 device is connected to the computer, open the “EZ Grabber” program on your desktop and click on the “Setup” yellow gear icon on the toolbar that opens with the preview screen. You will need to make the following changes in this menu:

a) Under the “Video” tab, if the format is set to “PAL”, switch it to “NTSC_M” and verify that the source is set correctly to either “Composite” or “S-Video”, depending on the cables you are using with your analog source.

b) On the “Capture Button” tab, if you want to use the button to record video to your computer, switch it to “Capture Video”.

c) On the “Record” tab select a Save location, by clicking on the browse button

And then select the folder that you want the files saved to.

You can then select the format you want to use to capture the video. More information can be found here.

After these changes have been made, click “OK” to save the changes

3) Start playing from your analog source and the preview screen should start showing video and audio on your monitor. If you see and hear this, you can either hit the black “REC” button on our VC500CXT device, or press the Red Circle button on the toolbar, to begin capturing the video content onto your computer from your source. If you pressed the “REC” button, then a red blinking LED will light up on the device to indicate that it is capturing.

*****NOTE: If your video turns to black Lines when you press record, Please see this Info*****


4) Once you want to stop capturing, either press the “REC” button again or press the red square button on the toolbar, to stop capturing. Once you stop capturing, the blinking LED will go out, but you will need to physically stop or pause the analog source if you want to continue from where you left off to capture something else as this device will NOT automatically stop your analog source. 

A video file will output to the location specified in the previous step. The file name specified is based on a date-time format. You can rename the file if necessary for easier recognition.

5) Once the video has been captured onto your computer, open the Arcsoft ShowBiz program located on your desktop.

6) The program opens to the “Edit” tab by default. Below the Edit tab and the “Text” button, there is a button with a green arrow on top of a folder called “Open”. Press this button to load video files into the “Library” directly below the Open button.

7) On the window that pops up on your screen, locate the directory where your captured videos are located and, after selecting each video, click the “Open” button in the lower right-hand corner of the “Open” window. 

8) Your video clips will show up in the “Library” section directly below the “Open” button of the Arcsoft ShowBiz program. Click and hold down the mouse to drag and drop the video clips onto the “Storyboard” section located below the “Library” to add those clips to the DVD. Also, you can right-click on the active video clip that has the red square on it and selects the option “Add to Storyboard” from the context menu to add your clip to the project. 

If you need to do some editing please see this page.

9) When you are ready to burn to DVD, click on the “Produce” tab and select the option to “Create DVD”. You will need to save the project when you click on the “Create DVD” option before you can continue with the DVD burning process.

10) A program called “Arcsoft TotalMedia Studio” will open up on your computer. To simply burn the video clip to DVD, go to the “Produce” tab in this window and check off the box that says “Create a disc without a menu”. Once you have a blank DVD loaded into your DVD burner, click on the “Burn” button and the process will begin to burn the video clips to DVD format.


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