How do I edit my video?

/How do I edit my video?

How do I edit my video?

1) Once the video has been captured onto your computer, open the Arcsoft ShowBiz program located on your desktop.

2) The program opens to the “Edit” tab by default. Below the Edit tab and the “Text” button, there is a button with a green arrow on top of a folder called “Open”. Press this button to load video files into the “Library” directly below the Open button.

3) On the window that pops up on your screen, locate the directory where your captured videos are located and, after selecting each video, click the “Open” button in the lower right hand corner of the “Open” window.

4) Your video clips will show up in the “Library” section directly below the “Open” button of the Arcsoft ShowBiz program. Click and hold down the mouse to drag and drop the video clips onto the “Storyboard” section located below the “Library” to add those clips to the DVD. Also, you can right-click on the active video clip that has the red square on it and select the option “Add to Storyboard” from the context menu to add your clip to the project. 

5) When your video clip is on the storyboard, click on the Scissor icon above the Storyboard (film strip) that says “Multiple Trim” to open the video editing module.

6) On the window that opens on your screen, the blue bar represents your entire video clip. The white cursor is used for tracking your video to a certain point that you want to cut your clip at. When you have played your video clip to the point you want to start cutting, pause the video clip.

7) The green scissor icon is to “Mark In” the point where you want to start cutting your video. After clicking this button, a red arrow will appear where you made your cut, indicating that your video clip will start cutting at this point. 


8) The red scissor icon is to “Mark Out” the point where you want to stop cutting your video. You can either continue to play your videotape until you reach the point where you want, or you can move the white cursor to a certain point in your video clip, to stop cutting your film. Once you have reached this point, click on the red scissor button and a second red arrow will appear above the blue bar. 

9) At this point, the gray area is what will have been removed from the video clip. You can repeat steps 6 through 8 if there are more places to cut out from your video clip. Otherwise, click on the “OK” button to return to the Edit tab. 

When you look at the clip as a whole project and play it back, the portions you cut out will no longer be on the video clip.

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