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Enhance Your PC or Mac Display with the Diamond BVU195 USB Display Adapter Pro

When it comes to being a PC owner, especially a laptop owner, there are some devices that are important. One of these are multi-display adapters. In this article, we’ll look at a few ways you can enhance your PC or Mac display with one of Diamond’s most popular products. The BVU195 USB Display Adapter Pro is a great device.

The Diamond BVU195 – USB Display Adapter Pro is a USB 2.0 external video display adapter which allows you to add multiple monitors to your PC or laptop. It is loaded with features:

  • Fully integrated into Windows 10, Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and MAC OSX
  • 1080p output picture resolution
  • Supported Windows Aero mode
  • Stand alone device
  • Fully USB 2.0 bus powered
  • Compatible with all flat panel monitors
  • Compatible with all CRT monitors, up to 2048×1152 resolution
  • Standard and wide-screen ratio aspects
  • High-definition displays
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Mirror or extend in any direction
  • Supports up to six displays 1 display per device. Maximum 6 devices per system
  • 80% less power than a dual-head video card

The BVU195 is more than just a multi-display adapter however. The resolution that it offers is quite impressive and if we’re talking about enhancing one’s own laptop for everyday use, this device more than pays for itself. The BVU195 uses DisplayLink USB graphics technology. Its unique approach to USB graphics allows smooth video playback providing a low latency connection that feels very much like a traditional monitor while providing the “plug and display” simplicity of USB. DisplayLink USB graphics technology allows for super-high resolution, full 32-bit color graphics at a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1152.

Enjoy all of your laptop’s content on a large screen

For connecting your laptop to a HDTV, a simple connection with an HDMI cable is all that is needed. In addition, the cable is connected to the BVU195 with an included HDMI adapter. Enjoy all of your laptop’s content on a large screen. Also, enjoy sharp detail thanks to the BVU195’s higher resolution capabilities.

The BVU195 can also be used with a projector. Display your laptop’s content on a much larger projection screen with the use of a DVI cable (not included).

So when you need to utilize more display options from your laptop, but at the same time enhance your viewing experience, the Diamond BVU195 is a great solution. Therefore, simply hooking up more monitors to your laptop is easy. And having the display quality that the BVU195 offers, is quite nice. Finally, you can find the Diamond BVU195  at: www.diamondmm.com.

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