Diamond Video Capture VC500 – The Best Overall VHS to DVD Converter of 2019

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Diamond Video Capture VC500 – The Best Overall VHS to DVD Converter of 2019

The Diamond Video Capture VC500 is uncommonly easy to use. According to toptenreviews.com, the VC500 makes it simple to access material on VHS tapes and do such things as start and stop a video capture and burn a disc. As a result, they have concluded that the Diamond Video Capture VC500 is the best overall VHS to DVD converter of 2019 among comparable products. And here’s why.

From Toptenreviews.com

We spent more than 40 hours testing VHS to DVD converters to see how well they managed to switch those much-loved VHS tapes into DVD format. As a result, our top choice was the Diamond Video Capture VC500. We especially liked its versatility and the various functions you can perform while preserving those prized tapes. Diamond’s Video Capture VC500 is easy to install and operate. When you buy this software, you also get PowerDirector, an excellent video editing application that lets you make improvements to your original video material. As a result, this is the fastest VHS to DVD converter we tested since it could burn the content of a 40-minute video to a DVD in only eight minutes.

Convert your VHS to DVD and Digital Files

Diamond Video Capture VC500 gives you the ability to capture and preserve your VHS material, and the included video editor lets you improve the quality of the original material. We could easily capture video footage and edit it. Diamond Video Capture let us enhance the image’s contrast, hue and brightness; add titles, transitions and sound effects; eliminate certain footage that we didn’t want; add special effects and more. If you want to copy and transfer the material on a VHS tape to a DVD, it won’t take long with this product. Our testing showed it took only eight minutes to burn a 45-minute VHS tape to a DVD. This was the fastest of any program we tested. And it lets you capture material from nearly any video source. Furthermore, it lets you upload to the internet and save videos in six different file formats.

Here’s How We Tested

We captured VHS content from a 40-minute VHS tape, tried the various editing tools that were included with each model and timed such things as how long it took to burn a DVD. Also noted were the various capabilities of each product. Then, we gave each a score and used our own methodology to calculate how we would rank each one. Also, we relied on our own experience with this kind of hardware and software. We evaluated subjective things such as, ease of use and the quality of the final DVD.

Finally, we took into account how much customer support you can expect. Getting in contact with a company if you encounter a problem, was an important factor. We produced a numerically ranked lineup of products that can help you choose the best VHS to DVD converter for your purposes.

Things to Look for in a VHS to DVD Converter

The best VHS to DVD converters not only let you move your video content to a DVD, but let you do it quickly and easily. We tested the hardware and software in each model. Therefore, we chose the first-rate models that are intuitive and offer quite helpful editing options. These can actually enhance the quality of your original VHS material. As a result, it looks polished and professional. Some converters can also get past the copyright protections in commercially made VHS tapes. This means you can preserve your favorite movies, concerts, workout regimens and documentaries.

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