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Expand Your View  with Multi-Display Adapters USB 3.0 / 2.0

Multi-Display Adapters

Diamond BVU Multi-Display Adapters are the perfect solution for multi-tasking. These adapters make it easy for you to expand your view by having access to much more work-related content than ever before. Need extra monitor? The Diamond BVU Adapters let you spread out your on-screen content across multiple monitors effortlessly. With added monitors, your productivity level will soar and standards for work practices will be set at an all-time high.

DisplayLinkTM Plug and DisplayTM Technology

Featuring DisplayLinkTM Plug and DisplayTM technology, the Diamond BVU adapters allow you to connect to additional displays to your PC, laptop or even your Android-based tablet or smartphone*. They provide a single solution for connecting multiple displays to any PC or Mac platform, making them highly interactive with ultra-low latency and support for the highest mainstream displays.

Benefits of Multi-Display Workstations

Multi-tasking just becomes second nature when you’ve got 2 or more screens side-by-side. Having multiple applications open simultaneously can have a real impact on processing information more quickly and accurately. Have spreadsheets across one monitor, have research sites open on another and news and stock market data on yet another.

Universal Display Capabilities

USB to HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports are all featured on Diamond BVU Adapters so that any computer or device can easily connect to any monitor without the need for special cables.

Uncompromised Performance and Efficiency

With the Diamond BVU adapters, you can expand your laptop’s visual experience by adding 2, 3 or up to 6** displays, in minutes. Add multiple displays to your PC/laptop/tablet without the hassle of opening your desktop case and adding costly discrete graphics cards. All of the Diamond BVU Adapters is completely USB powered, so no additional power requirements are necessary and they consume 80% less PC power than internal discrete graphics cards.
Move your content from screen to screen, using Windows extended and mirrored modes.  Experience enhanced clarity and never be restricted to the limited screen space of your laptop or tablet again.
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* A USB OTG cable is required to connect to an Android tablet or smartphone. Is not compatible with iOS devices.  Works with Android device (tablet or phone) running OS version Lollipop or later (5.0 or later). USB Host Mode enabled on the Android device is required. If the device is USB bus powered, you may have to attach it to an externally powered USB hub first, as the Android device might not be able to provide enough power.
** Each Display requires an additional BVU adapter (maximum 6 per system).