The Diamond GC2000 Game Capture Device: It’s a Game Changer – Literally

//The Diamond GC2000 Game Capture Device: It’s a Game Changer – Literally

The Diamond GC2000 Game Capture Device: It’s a Game Changer – Literally

We’re here at Diamond Multimedia checking out their latest Game Capturing device – The Game-Caster GC2000 Game Capture Device. Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a key player in launching the multimedia revolution and this is just one of their latest and greatest technological devices.
Louis Kokenis, Engineering Product Manager at Diamond has been gracious enough to talk with us a little about the Game-Caster GC2000:

DL: Hi Louis. It seems that this new product from Diamond really offers a great solution for those who have a game console and want to take it to the next level.

LK: Yeah, the new Game-Caster GC2000 just launched this summer and we’re pretty excited about it. It really lets you be in total control of sharing your gaming experience with practically everybody in the known universe.

DL: Can you simply tell us how it works?

LK: Well basically, if you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or 4 or Wii, you can capture and edit your game-play in HD 1080p all while you are playing. Then you can stream it to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Ustream.

DL: Wow, it’s such a great way to show off your strategy and create tutorials on games you’re really good at.

LK: Yeah it’s all about the audience. It brings the gamer closer to an audience and with streaming, it helps them to set up his or her own YouTube channel. Also, people want to learn how to play certain games, and the GC2000 is an excellent teaching tool for those of us who are the so-called experts.

DL: What are some of the features of the GC2000 that make it unique?

LK: I think one of the really important features is the Voice Commentary capability. It’s really crucial in making videos, that you voice-over what you are capturing and the GC2000 lets you do just that. Narrate your videos. Also, the fact that you can save your work on an SD card is really cool. It’s part of what Diamond calls the Triple Play feature.

DL: Can you explain the Triple Play feature of the GC2000?

LK: In essence, the GC2000 does three things. First, it Captures and Edits your gaming directly to your PC, recording with the LOOP-THROUGH function. Second, it acts as a standalone unit that records and directly Saves to an SD card without a PC. And third, it Streams directly to Twitch, Ustream or even your smartphone or tablet.

DL: What does the LOOP-THROUGH function do and what is its purpose?

LK: LOOP-THROUGH simply means that the GC2000 lets you record and play at the same time.

DL: For the casual gamer like myself, how easy is it to hook up?

LK: It’s really easy. You just connect the audio, component and HDMI cables from your game console into one side of the GC2000. Then you connect your USB cable from your PC, connect another HDMI cable from the GC2000 to your TV and connect an Ethernet cable to your network.

DL: You know, I think one of the best things about this product is how interactive you can be with the online gaming community. You mentioned that you can use the GC2000 to connect and stream to Twitch, Ustream, YouTube, and Facebook. Can you tell us a little more about how to do that?

LK: Once you’ve captured and edited your game-play from your game console and everything is good to go, you just upload your recorded file via your network with Ethernet.

DL: Is there any support for troubleshooting?

LK: Yes, the Diamond Multimedia U.S. customer support line is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours. You can call and ask any questions, they’re very knowledgeable.

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