Laptops, cable set-top boxes, DVD, Blu-Ray players, PCs, tablets or any other source with an HDMI output, can be connected to your TV. And we all know that the go-to way to achieve this is with a wired connection through the use of HDMI cables. HDMI transmits real-time video and audio through a single cable. However, if you’d rather not be literally chained to your TV with a physical, wired connection, there are ways to connect your device to a TV, wirelessly. Diamond Multimedia offers a solution to do just that – to cut the HDMI wires and go wireless HDMI.

Wirelessly Transmit Video and Audio to a Large Screen TV

Diamond has a full line of Wireless HDMI Sender and Receivers that are essentially wireless HDMI cables. Think of them as “invisible cables”. Of course, different models have a certain maximum wireless range. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the specifications of each and to see which one fits your needs.

Wireless HDMI

The beauty of wireless HDMI is, of course, the lack of cluttering up your living room, office, classroom or anywhere you watch and enjoy streaming from your laptop to a TV. That de-cluttering is essential to creating a more pleasant and stress-free atmosphere. When watching TV from a PC, I do not want to see a cable running from my coffee table to my entertainment center and constantly having to avoid tripping over it. Same goes with the office. A cable running from my laptop to a conference room TV or projector, is a huge hassle.

HD 1080P Quality and Easy to Use

The Diamond V-Stream VS75 Wireless HDMI Sender and Receiver, for example, is incredibly easy to use. Also, there is no loss of quality. It can transmit video and audio up to 45 feet (clear line of site) with a maximum resolution of 1080P. Furthermore, the transmitter is self-powered through a USB Type-C port which converts to wireless HDMI. Because, the receiver is small, it is ideal for conference room meetings, home theater and educational equipped classrooms. The Diamond V-Stream units are completely plug-and-play and requires no drivers and configuration.

Wireless HDMI instructions

In Conclusion

So, go ahead and throw out that HDMI cable. With wireless HDMI technology from Diamond, you simply do not need to be connecting it with wires anymore. Extra cables are unsightly, cumbersome and creates more work than is really needed. You can find Diamond Multimedia’s complete line of V-Stream Wireless HDMI Sender and Receivers at:

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