Charging Your Laptop While You Work with an MST Docking Station

//Charging Your Laptop While You Work with an MST Docking Station

Charging Your Laptop While You Work with an MST Docking Station

With the arrival of USB-C technology, charging your laptop while you work has never been better. USB-C has been a complete game changer in the consumer electronics industry and Diamond Multimedia has been at the forefront all along. This type of connection now has enough juice to power up most laptops. As a result, Diamond’s Docking Stations utilize this technology in an easy-to-use interface. In addition, the USB connectors can all be used to connect peripherals and hardware.

Power Delivery with Pass-Through Charging

Pass-through charging is simply the ability of a docking station (or hub) to bypass all of the other functions of a hub, such as data transfer, USB peripherals, Ethernet connections, or additional display outputs, and power your laptop simultaneously. As a result, the ability to charge a laptop, with a dock, is very useful in helping to reduce clutter on desks as well as having everything connected.

Charging Your Laptop While You Work with the Diamond UD300C

The Diamond USB-C Triple Display Mini-MST Docking Station – UD300C allows you to use a single connection from your computer and add additional high-resolution monitors and USB devices. It also includes a Gigabit Ethernet port. Its compact design makes it travel-friendly. As a result, you can use it at home and at the office. Compatible with Mac and Windows laptops , this docking station comes with a USB-C port that will charge your laptop while you work. It will allow you to charge your computer while using it simultaneously. The USB-C power delivery’s maximum power output is up to 20V3A and a minimum of 60W. A power supply is required but is not included.

What is an MST Docking Station?

The Diamond MST Docking Station UD300C transforms a single USB-C (USB Type-C) port into a multi-port hub with an HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort, a USB 3.0 port, Gigabit Ethernet, a VGA connector and USB-C Data/PD charging port. MST simply stands for Multi-Stream Transport technology. This technology allows for three different display configurations on multiple monitors while connected to a single USB-C output source such as a laptop. In addition, it can connect 3 monitors for extended or mirror display modes. It does this by combining multiple video signals into a single stream and sending it over to a device that processes the signal. This device can be an MST docking station.

In conclusion, the future of USB -C charging is very popular for a good reason – it’s convenient. It’s easy to charge your laptop and work at the same time. Diamond Multimedia offers other Docking Stations that will charge your laptop while you work. Make sure to check them out.

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