//Charge Your Laptop or Mobile Device on Your Docking Station

Charge Your Laptop or Mobile Device on Your Docking Station

Modern laptops, Windows tablets and PCs have a lot of flexibility and connecting them to other peripherals is easier than ever before. And while docking stations are great for keeping every USB device on your desk connected, it’s a bonus to have it charging your laptop at the same time. Diamond Multimedia offers a way to do just that– Charge your laptop/PC or mobile device on your docking station. A Docking Station such as the Diamond Ultra-Dock DS3900PD, comes equipped with a USB Type-C port. It can be used to connect AND charge a USB Type-C laptop or PC and is backwards compatible with USB Type-A. However, power delivery is only offered through USB- C.

For example, when I come into work everyday, I can connect my laptop into the DS3900PD’s USB-C charging port and not have to be concerned about running low on power. The DS3900PD will charge it as I work on it. As a result, I do not have to take a power supply with me. I can also have a DS3900PD docked at home and charge it there. Therefore, I pretty much have no need to carry around a bulky power supply with me at all.

Triple Display 4K – Universal Type-C Connectivity with a Docking Station and Power Delivery

The Diamond DS3900PD can give you access to 3 large displays, Stereo speakers, headset, mic, external hard Drive, Optical Disk Drive, printers, USB keyboard, mouse and other USB devices, all while powering your laptop PC or Macbook. (65W Power Delivery). It also has a 4-pole combo headphone/mic jack.

It is compatible with USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.0/2.0 Standard A and Thunderbolt 3 laptops. A 100W Power Adapter, supports 65W upstream charging and up to 40W for all downstream devices. The DS3900PD offers a 4K HDMI port, an additional HDMI port and a 2K DVI (DisplayLink) port.

In Conclusion

The Diamond DS3900PD Ultra Dock Docking Station gives you the universal connection that you need and provides all the connections for your device and provides power delivery for charging your USB Type-C laptop, PCs or tablets. You can find the DS3900PD at: diamondmm.com.


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