The Technology Singularity: How Tech Is Growing “Too Fast”

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One of the scary things about black holes is that they have a "singularity." The singularity in terms of a black hole is the point at which even light can't escape the gravitational pull. This is a bit freaky to scientists because we

Why You NEED The Wireless VS100 HD Video Transmission via HDMI Device

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The Diamond Wireless VS100 HD Video Transmission via HDMI is a must-have for most people. The time for tangled cords is over! This special little tool allows you to stream without wires, but there are many other benefits you don't yet know of.

7 Simple Tricks To Increasing Work Efficiency While Sitting At a Computer All Day

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  In today’s modern world, many people are sitting at a computer desk all day long. While this is safer than hunting for food like cavemen, the effects of a long-term sedentary lifestyle can weigh on you overtime. Some negative effects of sitting

Coming Soon: The Diamond Ultra-Dock Thunderbolt-3 Docking Station

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It’s easy to see that today’s USB Type-C is all the rage in computer device connectivity. And it’s important to know that Thunderbolt-3 technology shares the same port type as USB Type-C. Thunderbolt-3 is a powerful new technology that has a top data