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Capturing, Editing and Sharing Your Gaming Strategies with the Diamond Game-Caster GC500

In this world of viral videos and social media, capturing, editing and sharing your gaming strategies has never been more important and with the help of the Diamond Game-Caster GC500, you can really show off your talents. The Diamond GC500 is a USB 2.0 Video Game Capture device that let’s you capture and edit your game play from gaming consoles such as Xbox® 360 & PS3®. It then let’s you upload your saved videos to YouTube and Facebook. It’s a great way to share your creativity with all of your friends and expand your audience in the gaming community at the same time.

So how does it work? The GC500 records and plays games from game consoles with no delays and captures real-time video onto your PC or laptop via a USB connection. The device uses Component YPbPr, Composite RCA or S-Video as well as audio inputs and outputs and supports Blu-Ray and DVD formats.

The GC500 also captures video from other sources as well. You can create and edit videos from your camcorder, VHS cassettes or set top boxes.

The GC500 also includes DVC (Diamond Video Capture) software with a direct upload to a YouTube interface so that you can post your videos online effortlessly.

I find the Diamond GC500 to be the perfect solution for providing an easy way to broadcast and share your game play without disrupting the experience with lags and delays. More sophisticated gamers will really appreciate the ability to record, play and stream in real-time; an important feature for quick reflex games like first-person shooters. So let the GC500 game capture device help you capture, edit and share your gaming strategies. The Diamond Game-Caster GC500 Game Capture Device is available at: www.diamondmm.com.

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