Boost Your Business Productivity with the Diamond BVU Multi-Display Adapters

//Boost Your Business Productivity with the Diamond BVU Multi-Display Adapters

Boost Your Business Productivity with the Diamond BVU Multi-Display Adapters

When it comes to setting up your company’s workstations for your employees, there are a few options. One of these would be to create a working atmosphere where ideas are inspired, where talent grows and where productivity increases. In this article, we’ll look at how to boost your business productivity with the Diamond BVU Multi-Display Adapters. These adapters make it easy for your employees to have access to much more work-related content than ever before. With added monitors, the company productivity level will soar and standards for best work practices will be set.

So What is a Multi-Display Adapter?

A multi-display adapter connects another monitor to your PC, laptop or even tablet. With the Diamond BVU adapters, you can enhance your laptop’s visual experience by adding 2, 3 or up to 6* displays, in minutes. Add multiple displays to your PC/laptop/tablet without the hassle of opening your desktop case and adding costly discrete graphic cards.

What are the Benefits of a Multi-Display Adapter?

In a business environment, a multi-display setup enhances productivity and inspires new ideas in many ways.

More monitors equals more screen real-estate. This means that while a worker’s focus may be on one task at a time, one can’t help but to multi-task when they’ve got 2 or more screens side-by-side. Having multiple applications open simultaneously can have a real impact on processing information more quickly and accurately. Have spreadsheets across one monitor, have research sites open on another and news and stock market data on yet another.

The more multi-display workstations you set up, the less time your employees will spend on closing and opening files and windows which often times leads to distractions and losing one’s train of thought. With everything becoming more streamlined and less cluttered on their PC screens, the morale and productivity of your company will only increase.

*Each Display requires an additional BVU adapter, maximum 6 per system. All of the Diamond BVU Adapters are completely USB powered, so no additional power requirements are necessary and they consume 80% less PC power than internal discrete graphic cards.

Diamond offers 5 different models of the BVU Multi-Display Adapters, each one featuring a different set of connectors and capabilities. All feature the DisplayLink Plug and Display Technology and all come standard with a one year warranty.

The BVU5500
The Diamond BVU5500 is designed to work with 4K monitors, so if you want your displays at the absolute, highest resolution and you want something you won’t have to upgrade for awhile, the BVU5500 is a great choice. The maximum resolution capability is a staggering 3840 x 2160 pixels. The BVU5500 model supports HDMI audio and comes with an onboard Display Port. It can also support HDMI, DVI and VGA connections using an adapter.

The BVU3500 and BVU3500H

First, the BVU3500 and BVU3500H adapters offer a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1152 – so still a very high amount of pixels indeed. The BVU3500 offers VGA suppor. However the BVU3500H does not. Also, the BVU3500H supports HDMI audio and the BVU3500 does not. Both support HDMI and DVI.

The BVU195
Second, the BVU195 offers the same resolution capability as the BVU3500s at 2048 x 1152. Furthrtmore, it uses a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0. However, the BVU195 has no HDMI audio support.

The BVU165
Third, the BVU165 offers a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 or 1600 x 1200 and shares the same connectivity capabilities as the BVU195 including DVI and VGA.

Whether you’re an IT manager or a head of a large corporation, you’ll soon find employees getting more done. Using multiple displays, you are 50% more likely to be more productive.

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