Adding a Monitor Using the Diamond DS3900V2 – Docking Station

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Adding a Monitor Using the Diamond DS3900V2 – Docking Station

This week we’ll be looking at a cool and easy way to have instant access to not only external devices and peripherals, but the all-important extra dual-video monitor. Why not use a docking station such as the Diamond DS3900V2? It’s your desk – simplified.

With the use of a single USB cable hooked up to your main PC, laptop or tablet, you can have everything set up just the way you like it and working or surfing the internet becomes a breeze.

Ultimately, your goal is to have a desktop that practically takes care of itself. That means making your life easier. The Diamond DS3900V2Docking Station lets you keep everything on your desk untouched by simply leaving them plugged in – and that includes extra monitors.

You can enjoy Dual-Video by connecting extra monitors via the ports that come on the DS3900V2, such as HDMI, DVI and VGA, all in 1080P resolution.

Again, the DS3900V2 Docking Station can be used for all sorts of peripherals, including printers, camcorders, external disc drives, speakers, microphones, headphones, keyboards and mice. There’s even an Ethernet port for your network connection.

When you come into your office with your laptop and you do not have a docking station, you have to plug in your mouse, external keyboard, speakers and all of your other peripherals individually, every single time. What a hassle. If you don’t remember which device was plugged into your laptop there is a good chance drivers will be installed each time. Using your laptop at home you’ll encounter the same problem. You have to reconnect your printer, mouse, keyboard, etc and again if you don’t plug them into the same port each time you will have the problem with drivers reinstalling. With the dock there are no problems. You simply plug the dock into the same port and no drivers will be installed.

The DS3900V2 also prolongs the life of your PC’s USB ports. Rather than using all of your computer’s USB ports you only have to use one.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep all your stuff, including that extra monitor, permanently hooked up to your PC, take a look at the DS3900V2 by Diamond Multimedia. I think you’ll be amazed at how many things can be connected.

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