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Adding Dual Video to Your Laptop or Tablet with the Diamond MDS3900 Ultra-Dock

This week we’ll explore one of the most incredibly useful devices out there for your laptop or Windows tablet. When it comes to great quality and getting the most bang for your buck, the Diamond MDS3900 Ultra-Dock should always be a part of your desktop simply because of its versatility. The MDS3900 is a Dual Video USB 3.0/2.0 Mini-Docking Station and is by far the coolest device for adding dual video to your laptop or Windows tablet. It offers a single solution for installing multiple monitors and displays at 1080P high definition resolutions.

The MDS3900 Ultra-Dock is a breeze to use because of its simple plug and play technology. It is fully compatible with Ultrabooks and Macbooks as well as Windows tablets and laptops, it’s sleek and compact and has a small footprint on your desktop. I especially love the way it sits on my desk as it always stays out of the way of all my other important peripherals and devices.

The MDS3900 supports dual head video output, support for HDMI and DVI/VGA simultaneously. This means I can have a big-screen TV hooked up with a standard HDMI cable to my workstation as well as being connected to another DVI monitor.

The other thing I love about the MDS3900 is that it supports a Gigabyte Ethernet connection with its onboard Ethernet port. You can upgrade or add Ethernet wired connectivity to your laptop, Macbook, or Ultrabook with a single USB cable.

The Diamond MDS3900 Ultra-Dock comes with all the accessories needed to get set up fast and you’ll be enjoying all of the benefits of enhancing your visual experience by expanding your visual space. The MDS3900 also comes with a DVI to VGA dongle so that you can connect a projector or monitors that are only equipped with VGA ports. This is what separates Diamond Multimedia from all the others; it’s commitment to customer satisfaction. I would have had to go out and buy another adapter if I wanted to use this with my projector, but the dongle being included in the box is just another way that the MDS3900 more than pays for itself.

So if you’re looking for an extremely helpful and creative way to utilize the maximum potential of the displays on your PC/laptop/tablet and want a reliable, compact solution, the Diamond MDS3900 is the way to go. The Diamond MDS3900 Ultra-Dock is just one of many really neat multimedia devices available at: www.diamondmm.com.

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