A Closer Look at the Triple Play Feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000

//A Closer Look at the Triple Play Feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000

A Closer Look at the Triple Play Feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000

Not sure how you will be using Diamond’s GC2000? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Triple Play feature of the Diamond Game-Caster GC2000. The GC2000 is a powerful, yet compact game capturing device that captures, edits and streams your game-play in HD 1080P from all the major game consoles. You can upload and stream your edited scenes onto YouTube, Facebook, Twitch® with real-time Voice Commentary.

The device itself is feature-packed and comes loaded with a host of connectors and ports. The Game-Caster GC2000 is designed to be used with your TV, game consoles, DVD players, set top boxes, router as well as your PC and laptops.

The three modes in which you can use the GC2000 are as follows:

  • PC (Capture/Edit) including real-time “Voice Commentary”
  • Standalone – Record directly to a SD card without a PC
  • Streaming – Stream directly to Twitch, Ustream or your Smartphone/Tablet

The PC (Capture/Edit) Mode
You’ll want to use the PC Mode to directly capture, preview, edit and save your game-play as final files to keep on your PC or laptop. Add real Voice Commentary to every scene. Once it’s captured, you can burn a file to DVD format, stream it to Twitch or Ustream or upload to YouTube.

Connect your game console to the Audio right and left ports, as well as the Component ports on the GC2000, or if you’re using an Xbox1 or PS4, use the HDMI In port, then connect your PC or laptop to the USB 2.0port. You’ll want to connect your TV to the HDMI Out port to play your game while your computer is doing all the capturing. To start the capturing process, just hit the Record button.

The Standalone Mode
If you want to directly capture and store your game-play on an external SD card, you can use the Standalone Mode on the GC2000. This mode does not require you to be hooked up to a PC at all and gives you the flexibility to edit your files later. Again, connect your game console and TV to the GC2000 and push the Record button to start your capturing. Then take your SD card and transfer the files to your computer for editing.

The Streaming Mode
If you want to directly capture your game-play and stream it to websites such as Ustream or Twitch, you’ll want to use the Streaming mode. By connecting your router to the GC2000 via the Ethernet port, and using the Shareview software, you can also stream your favorite captured game-play scenes to your tablet or smartphone.

Anyone of the Triple Play modes of the GC2000 can be selected by the Mode switch so you can seamlessly go back and forth each mode.

When it comes to game-play, simply having the different options, of capturing and editing, can be a lot of fun and a great way to show off your skills. Diamond Multimedia makes it easy to share those skills. Looking for more information on the Game-Caster GC2000 or other really useful multimedia devices? Simply visit: www.diamondmm.com.

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