7 Simple Tricks To Increasing Work Efficiency While Sitting At a Computer All Day

//7 Simple Tricks To Increasing Work Efficiency While Sitting At a Computer All Day

7 Simple Tricks To Increasing Work Efficiency While Sitting At a Computer All Day

In today’s modern world, many people are sitting at a computer desk all day long.

While this is safer than hunting for food like cavemen, the effects of a long-term sedentary lifestyle can weigh on you overtime.

Some negative effects of sitting too long include: reduced levels of happiness, reduced efficiency (you take longer to get the same work done), reduced work quality, and reduced energy levels!

Using these tips will make your desktop job fun, engaging, and you’ll notice your happiness & energy levels increasing too.

Tip #1: Take Breaks!

As basic a tip it sounds, most people try to “power through” the workday thinking that they’ll finish faster or accomplish more.

Strangely that’s not the case. By taking a 5-10 minute break every hour, you’ll find that your efficiency increases while you are working.

Over the course of a workday (and work week) you will accomplish more by taking breaks than if you try to “push through it.”

During your break it’s also recommended that you don’t stare at a TV, phone, or other screen. Your eyes can get fatigued staring at something close all day long, so loosen up & do something else.

Tip #2: Exercise & Movement

You thought exercise was just for the gym, but you’re wrong! Exercise is for the office too.

Doing simple exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and short jogs stimulate your brain making you smarter.

It also increases “endorphins,” which are a feel-good hormone in the brain. You will enjoy the work you’re doing a lot more also.

You don’t have to try hard for this either. A couple push-ups, a quick jumping jack, or short walk will do.

The point is just to move around. It gets the blood flowing and the brain working double speed.

In addition to the improved work output, you might just start getting that six-pack or drop that extra weight. Double win!

Tip #3: Include Stretches

Have you ever sat for a very long time, only to wake up to a tight back, tight legs, or pain somewhere in the body?

This is because your body got “locked” into the sitting position. Sitting activates some muscles while relaxing other muscles, and if you don’t switch it up by moving around these muscles can become tight which causes pain.

Stretching reduces stress, increases blood flow, and reduces pain. You are much less likely to feel pain after a long day in the office if you do a simple stretch every hour.

One great stretch we recommend is simply stretching the hamstrings. Going deep into a leg stretch like this also stretches out the entire back.

Tip #4: Don’t Slouch

It’s important to learn good sitting work posture. In addition to moving around, you need to keep your body in a health position.

Slouching uses up extra energy because of the additional muscles that have to be tightened to maintain the slouched position.

Scientific studies have also proven that slouching reduces self-confidence. Sit up straight and act bold and you’ll feel a lot better because of it!

Tip #5: Smile

Sometimes computer work is simply boring. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it, you must bite the bullet and work.

We’ve all been there before. Thankfully there’s a way to enjoy it a bit: through smiling.

This may sound weird, but scientific studies have proven that people are happier, more confident, and more efficient in their work when they are smiling.

The old adage of “fake it ‘till you make it” actually works!

If you aren’t fully enjoying what you’re doing, act like you do. Smile, and maybe focus on your breath while working. You’ll notice you feel a lot more fulfilled after the workday.

Tip #6: Laugh

Telling jokes with your coworkers on breaks actually improves productivity!

Laughing releases a lot of dopamine, which is another feel-good chemical. This will help you relax during breaks so that you can re-engage work with more energy.

You obviously shouldn’t get carried away with the fun to the point where it prevents you from enjoying your work, but do loosen up a bit while working- you’ll find that your productivity soars!

Tip #7: Standing Desks 

Did you know standing desks are actually a thing? Click HERE to check it out.

Standing desks will soon be the desk of the future.

Standing during your work keeps you engaged, improves focus, improves efficiency, and also the quality of your work.

Some other sweet side-effects include: improved sleep, improved energy, and increased sex drive.

Adjusting to a standing desk will be difficult for the first week because your body isn’t used to standing around so much.

Over time you will adjust, and it will feel more natural to stand & move around while working. Again, this increases blood-flow to the brain which keeps you engaged in your work.

If you want to check out our standing desks, click HERE!

Whether or not you buy from us or a competitor, we highly recommend getting a standing desk. It will change the way you work and change your life for the better.


By implementing these 7 tips you will find your life improving, work quality improving, and stress reducing. Working at a desktop all day can be frustrating sometimes, but these 7 tips will re-ignite the passion!


Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day.



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